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Wolfram Prize (3)

The winning teams will receive: 1 Raspberry Pi, 1 year access to Wolfram Alpha Pro, and 1 year access to the Producer level of the Wolfram Development Platform.

Devpost Achievements

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Christopher Jordan

Christopher Jordan
Wolfram Research

Bernat Espigulé

Bernat Espigulé
Wolfram Research

Judging Criteria

  • Best Use of Wolfram Technology
    We will pick the most impressive and surprising projects that can be achieved with Wolfram Technologies!
  • Usability
    How usable is your hack in its current state? Strive to create a functioning project even if it doesn't have a ton of features!
  • Interdisciplinary
    Does your hack combine principles from across different fields? Live up to our theme and make a hack that explore the intersection of computer science with other fields!
  • Polish
    Is your hack polished? Create a streamlined hack that looks as great as it functions!

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